ESA BIC Wallonie Redu

Start-Up with Space!

The incubator

The ESA BIC Wallonie Redu is the 6th member of the network of incubators recognised by the European Space Agency (ESA). Located on the Galaxia Business Park (Transinne, Belgium), it is administered by WSLlux. To join this network, WSLlux formed itself as a GIE (Groupement d'Intérêt Economique - Economic Interest Group). This is made up of three partners:

WSL   IDELUX   Luxembourg développement


  • Funded up to €100,000 (subsidy and subordinated loan)
  • Technical support
  • Market, technology and team analysis 
  • Business plan drafting and intellectual property consultancy advice
  • Leasing for equipment and prototype development
  • Support for advertising strategy
  • Assistance with good governance
  • and more.

Incubation as part of ESA BIC Wallonie Redu is scheduled for two years. At the end of this period, the incubated entity will continue to benefit from WSL services for an additional three years.

All official communications with ESA shall be carried out in English. ESA BIC Wallonie Redu is the only one out of six members of the network to work in both French and English on a daily basis.










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