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Four selection campaigns are set up every year, but the ESA BIC Wallonie Redu request for proposals is open permanently.

Filing applications
Opening of submissions
(Tender Opening Board - TOB)
Assessment of submissions
(Tender Evaluation Board - TEB)
Announcement of the results
(Award Board – AB)


10 February

13 February 7 March  28 March


19 May

20 May 28 May 9 July


8 September

10 September 26 September 29 October


3 November

4 November 17 November 12 December
  • Filing applications: application submission deadline. This will preferably be discussed in advance with the WSLlux team, which administers the ESA BIC Wallonie Redu incubator. Project developers are recommended to contact the WSLlux team for the preparation of this.

  • Tender Opening Board (TOB) : opening of submissions and checks on compliance of their contents (formal aspect).

  • Tender Evaluation Board (TEB) : oral presentation by the project developer, in front of a panel made up of members of the ESA, the Belgian Science Policy Office and WSLlux. Deliberation and drafting of recommendations with a view to an incubation.

  • Award Board (AB) : final confirmation by the ESA of the recommendations set out in the TEB.

This campaign will be carried out over a period of approximately six weeks. All official communications with ESA shall be carried out in English. ESA BIC Wallonie Redu is the only one out of six members of the network to work in both French and English on a daily basis.

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